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Sugar Gliders

About Our Sugar Gliders:

A New Hope has 4 sweet sugar gliders all brought to us as rescues by the same person. In our little sugar family there are two males- Rico & Renegade, and two females- Jynx & Squirrel. 


Our sugar gliders aren't the best at gliding, but that doesn't stop them from trying! They love cuddling in our carrying pouches, climbing all over their caretakers, and jumping all around the room.


About Sugar Gliders:

Sugar Gliders are small marsupials from Australia and Indonesia. Although they may seem similar to the southern flying squirrels that can be found in Georgia, they are actually closer in relation to koala bears and opossums than squirrels. They are social nocturnal animals that live in large family groups. Sugar gliders are also popular as exotic pets for a number of reasons. While they can make excellent companions for the right person, it's important to consider the amount of time and the investment that they need. 


How You Can Help:

Come back soon to learn how you can continue to support the sugar gliders at their new sanctuary!  

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