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Spaz is a 1.5 year old male opossum. 


When he was young, Spaz was hit by a car. This left him blind and bearing significant neurological damage. Despite this, he is able to live a happy and varied life here at the sanctuary. He is taken out daily to sniff around and enjoy the smells and sounds of nature.


He definitely has some quirks such as only being able to walk in a circle, but we think he's perfect just the way he is! 


Leona is a 6 year old Ring Tailed Lemur who was originally born into a zoo. When she was just a baby, she was attached by the other lemurs and left severely handicapped. One of her most noticable damages is the fact that she is missing both of her eyes, leaving her completely blind. 


She spent the first 6 years of her life in as an educational ambassador in a program that did brithday parties and coorporate events. Now, Leona has retired to come and live with us where she can relax and learn to be a lemur again! 


Leona is now living in an outdoor enclosure for the first time in her life with more space than she's ever had.


Soul is a juvenile red fox who was relinquished to us after his owner had her permit to own him revoked.


Soul is all white because he is what is considered a "ranch fox", foxes bred in all different colors typically for use in the fur trade. Soul was very lucky that he wound up with us and not as the trim on a coat, which could have easily been his fate. We hope that his presence here will help remind our guests that fur comes from beautiful and sentient animals. 


Kajou is a 6 year old Kinkajou who spent the first years of his life as a pet. When Kajou's previous owner had a daughter, he was sent to live out the rest of his life with us. 


Kajou used to have some behavioral problems such as biting and agression, but now that he's found a sanctuary he's been able to work through those issues. These days he's one of the happiest and friendliest little critters around! 



Ghost is a 10 month old raccoon.


When he was a baby, Ghost was attacked by a larger animal that removed one of his eyes. Without both eyes he would be significantly more susceptible to predators and would have limited depth perception, so he cannot be released. 


Ghost can be a little shy, but once he trusts someone he sticks to them like velcro. He enjoys wrestling with our dogs, chasing balls around the house, and giving handshakes or high fives.

Ghost spends most of his time indoors and would be truly devastated if he were to find out that he is not, in fact, one of the  humans.


Juniper is a 1 year old white-tailed deer. When Juniper was a baby, she was found alone orphaned in the woods. A rehabber took her in and began to observe frequent seizures. She was unable to latch on to a bottle, and it became apparent that the right side of her face is paralyzed. 


It is likely Juniper's disabilities came from being caught in the birth canal. Regardless, her rehabber never gave up on her. Now she is on medication that reduces her seizures to only 3-6 a day as opossed to the 20-40 she was having untreated. 


Although she can never be released, she has learned to love and is very happy to be with us!


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