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A New Hope is 100% volunteer run. Our volunteers are the backbone of our organization, making everything we do possible. 


Two hour volunteer shifts are available every Tuesday-Saturday for anyone interested in lending a hand. Registration must be completed 24 hours in advance. Youth volunteers must be 14+ and accompanied by an adult.


Volunteers help with:

-Animal Photography



-Event Planning

-Building Enclosures

-Creating Animal Enrichment 



Other Ways To Help

Not everyone has the time or ability to volunteer, however that doesn't mean you can't get involved!


Here are some other ways to be a part of our mission:









Sponsor an Animal
Shop through igive
Shop through amazon smile
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Become a Guardian Angel

Become a Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels 'adopt' one of our animal residents and help fundraise each month to pay for their ongoing care and expenses. Anyone can become an Angel whether you live 20 or 2000 miles away! Becoming a Guardian Angel is one of the most impactful ways you can help our animals live happy healthy lives. We have calculated the amount it costs to care for each of our individual residents. Guardian Angels make sure that amount is reached!


Key Responsibilities:

  • Online fundraising over social media

  • Sharing photos, videos, and more

  • Working to reach the monthly care goal

  • Encouraging friends and family to donate


Since our Guardian Angels work mostly from their computers, the time comitment is up to you! Some animals have higher monthly goals because they have more expensive needs, but others need less and are easier to fundraise for.


Since our Angels do so much to help the lives of our animals, they're listed on the profile for the animal they're helping. 



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Become an Animal Handler


Animal Handlers provide hands on care for our animal residents. They feed the animals, clean enclosures, upkeep enrichment, and provide attention and socialization to the animals in our care. Handlers may also assist in administration of oral and topical medication when necessary, and assist in giving guided tours. 


Key Responsibilities:

  • Clean animal enclosures

  • Provide food and clean water when needed

  • Properly socialize animals

  • Provide emotional companionship for animals

  • Exercise and play with animals

  • Assist in guided tours

  • Administer medications when needed under supervision of directors

  • Walk animals on leash/harness under supervision of directors

  • Help maintain enclosures and enrichment items


Time Commitment:

Volunteers are required to be present for a minimum of 4 hours per week. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of 2 months to be eligible for handler training.


Age Requirement:  18 (16 with guardian present)



Volunteers must display excellent patience when working with animals. They must have received a rabies pre-exposure vaccine to handle any rabies vector animals. Volunteers must show knowledge of basic animal treatment and handling. 




Sign Up For a Project

Sometimes we have volunteer needs that can't be filled by just anyone. These tasks require a higher level of skill and experience and wind up on our "Projects" Page.


Projects can be anything ranging from electrical or plumming work to building new enclosures . If you have any special skills you think could be of use, head over to our Projects board and see what we're hoping to do next!


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