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Basic Info:

Name: Róka

Species: Red Fox

Gender: Male

Age: <6 Months


About Róka:

Róka was injured and orphaned when he was just a young kit. He made it to an excellent rehabilitation center, but because he needed so much hands on care to survive he became very bonded to his human caretakers. Most foxes are able to detach as they get older and survive on their own, but little Róka couldn't forget how humans had saved him. He was too friendly to survive.


We are happy Róka will have a safe place to live, but sad he will never be able to experience the wild or run free. It's very important to minimize contact with wildlife as much as possible. If you find an orphan, bring them directly to a rehabber.


About Red Foxes:

Red foxes are beautiful, intelligent, and illusive wild animals. Despite the way foxes are admired in our society, they are still continuously hunted for sport, fur, and to protect animal agricultural enterprises. We can protect these amazing animals by boycotting products that require their suffering. One of the largest killers of red foxes is farmers trying to protect their chickens for eggs and meat. By eating a plant based diet, we can minimize our enviromental impact and eliminate a major need for hunting. 


How You Can Help:

Come back soon to learn how you can continue to support Róka at his new sanctuary!   

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