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About Our Quail:

A New Hope has 2 adorable Coturnix Quail: Isabell, and Catherine. They spent the first six months of their lives being treated as egg-machines. When we got them they had been kept in a small metal cage, without even knowing what it's like to touch solid ground. 


Our quail aren't very friendly, but we love them regardless. They now live in a chicken coop in the woods where they're able to catch bugs, scratch, peck, and dust bathe. 


About Coturnix Quail:

Coturnix Quail are often kept in captivity for their eggs, meat, or to be used as target practice. In these instances, little regard is shown for their physical or emotional wellbeing. Quail, like any other animal, are sentient and incredible animals. 


How You Can Help:

Come back soon to learn how you can continue to support the quail at their new sanctuary!  

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