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Basic Info:

Name: Phil

Species: Domestic Rabbit

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown


About Phil:

Phil was rescued from a neglectful situation by a compassionate individual who witnessed his poor living conditions. He was found in a dark filthy rabbit hutch full of feces, maggots, and mold.


Phil is a very happy friendly bunny. He loves hanging out with people, chewing on toys, and keeping watch from his enclosure. Unlike most rabbits, Phil loves heights and will climb to the highest point of his enclosure to hang out. 


About Domestic Rabbits:

Domestic rabbits are commonly kept as pets all across America. They're loved for their cute faces, soft fur, and great personalities. However, rabbits are not low-maintenance or starter pets. Rabbits can live up to 15 years. They are happiest living indoors and being litter box trained, and they should NOT spend their whole lives in a hutch like Phil. Rabbits require hours of attention per day and a serious commitment. 


How You Can Help:

Instead of going to one of the sanctuaries, Phil is now in a loving home with a close friend of the sanctuary and no longer needs funding. 


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