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Basic Info:

Name: Neffen

Species: Mountain Coatimundi

Gender: Female

Age: 1 year


About Neffen:

We’re not sure what circumstances left Neffen without a home, but we do know she wound up in the hands of an exotic pet dealer. That’s where a kind woman from Tampa, Florida found her. This woman learned that if Neffen wasn’t sold by the end of the week, she’d be sent to an auction. She couldn’t allow such a sweet animal to have such an uncertain fate, so she bought Neffen and brought her home.


Unfortunately, Neffen is a lot to handle and keeping her in a home wasn’t the best set up for such a rambunctious little coati. Now that she was out of danger, her rescuer began looking for a sanctuary to take her in.


Neffen can now look forward to spending the rest of her life with us. She’s an energetic little squirt who loves jumping on our volunteer’s shoulders, eating raisins, and getting dirty in the rain. She is so full of life, and her presence is a ray of sunshine.


About Coatimundi:

Coatimundi are found in Central and South America. They're members of the raccoon family. In nature, coatimundi will live in large groups of 20 or more. They're bold, intellegent, and assertive. Some of the issues facing coatimundi are rainforest distruction, socialization from tourists, and hunting. 


How You Can Help:

Come back soon to learn how you can continue to support Neffen at her new sanctuary!   

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