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Basic Info:

Name: Lilliana

Species: Red Fox

Gender: Female

Age: 1 year


About Lilliana:

Lilliana was purchased as a pet by a group of college students living in an apartment. They were evicted shortly after buying her, and couldn't find an apartment complex that would allow a captive fox. They wound up leaving her with a friend until they got things sorted out. Months passed and no one could get in touch with them, so the friend watching her decided it was time to find her a real home. 


Lilliana can be shy with people, but she makes it clear she's Griffin's boss. Since he is fixed they cannot mate, but that doesn't stop her from taking on the sassy wife role in their quirky little relationship. 


About Domestic Red Foxes:

Many people hear the term, 'domestic fox' and think that means these foxes are pets like a cat or a dog. This notion is absolutely false. While domestic foxes do have different personalities than their wild cousins, they are still wild animals at heart. They are flighty, skittish, destructive, and are prone to bite. Like a wild fox, they have a strong predatory instinct and unpredictable behavior. 


How You Can Help:

Come back soon to learn how you can continue to support Lilliana at her new sanctuary!   

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