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Basic Info:

Name: Leona

Species: Ring Tailed Lemur

Gender: Female

Age: 6 years


About Leona:

Leona was born in a zoo with a rare genetic condition that made her blind. It wasn't long before the other lemurs in her troop caught notice of her difference, and they attacked her because of it. Leona was left with no eyes, a missing ear, and only about 1/4th of her tail. Though notably disabled, she survived and became an ambassador animal for an education program in New York. 


After nearly 6 years doing children's shows, Leona has "retired" from showbiz to live out the rest of her days at A New Hope. She is still be an educational ambassador, but spends most of her time just being a lemur. She enjoys eating lollypops, sitting on laps, and hugging her stuffed monkey. 


About Ring Tailed Lemurs:

Ring Tailed Lemurs are endangered primates native to Madagascar. The ring tailed lemur is arguably the most recognizable in the lemur family due to their long stripped tails and big orange eyes. In nature, lemurs will live in large family groups called "troops". They are very social and intelligent creatures.  


How You Can Help:

Come back soon to learn how you can continue to support Leona at her new sanctuary!   

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