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Basic Info:

Name: Kodi

Species: Gray Fox

Gender: Male

Age: <6 Months


About Kodi:

Kodi was orphaned as a young kit. He was found and rescued, but unfortunately somewhere along the way he lost his fear of humans. The rehab center who raised Kodi tried everything to help his wild instincts develop, but no scare tactic seemed to be enough for this little squirt! All he wanted was to be around people. Because he was too friendly, the rehabbers decided he wouldn't be able to survive.


Kodi is truly a unique soul and one of the sweetest little foxes we've met. He loves to give kisses, climb on people's shoulders, and of course, play all day.  


About Gray Foxes:

Gray foxes are one of the oldest canine species. They are not very closely related to red foxes, as one might assume. They are much smaller, and are one of the only canines that climbs like a cat. Gray foxes used to be the dominate species in North America, however our destruction of forest habitat and mass farming has pushed their numbers to dwindle. Unlike the red fox, they do not thrive in agricultural areas.  


How You Can Help:

Come back soon to learn how you can continue to support Kodi at his new sanctuary!   

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