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Basic Info:

Name: Juniper

Species: White-Tailed Deer

Gender: Female

Age: 1 year


About Juniper:

Juniper was found alone in the woods as a baby. She was brought to a rehabber who began to observe frequent seizures. She was unable to latch on to a bottle for feeding, and it became apparent the right side of her face was paralyzed. 


Despite this, her rehabber never gave up on here. She raised her and taught her love. Juniper is now on seizure medication that has reduced her seizures to only 3-6 per day which is a major improvement, and we are doing blood work to determine a theraputic dosage to hopefully nullify them forever. Juniper is sweet, loving, and docile. All she cares about in the world is munching on apples and being pet.


About White-Tailed Deer:

White-tailed deer are some of the most magestic and stunning animals you're likely to see in your own backyard! Deer live all around us in bonded family groups. Deer eat vegetation such as poison oak, poison ivy, and they help keep our forests from becoming overgrown. We hope that Juniper will help people see that deer are beautiful and sentient creatures, not trophies for someone's wall.


How You Can Help:

Come back soon to learn how you can continue to support Juniper at her new sanctuary!   

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