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Basic Info:

Name: Aura

Species: Deer Mouse

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown


About Aura:

Aura lived at A New Hope her whole life, before she became one of our official residents. She, along with her family, lived in our education center chewing through bags of food and making nests in our important documents. 

These little cuties wreaked havok until we adopted Atticus, the cat. Most of the mice moved out when they smelled him, but little Aura got snatched before she could find a new place to live. We saved her from the cat's jaws and gave her time to recover, and it became clear that she was really enjoying her life free from danger. After a little research on mouse re-location and how difficult it can be, we decided we'd let Aura live with us for as long as she pleases. 


About Deer Mice:

Deer mice are common in the woods of Georgia, and possibly even in your own home! Mice can be destructive and carry disease, so we understand that cohabitating them isn't reasonable for most people. However, there are many humane ways to drive them out and keep them out. If you have mice in your house, you can learn what to do by clicking here!


How You Can Help:

Come back soon to learn how you can continue to support Aura at her new sanctuary!   

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