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Basic Info:

Name: Xerxes

Species: Large Spotted Genet (Cape Genet)

Gender: Male

Age: 7 months


About Xerxes:

Xerxes was originally purchased as an exotic pet. He was raised in the house and had a great life. Unfortunately, his situation changed when his owner went through a divorce and was forced to move out. They moved in with his owner's sister who had a child that was very afraid of Xerxes. It became clear that Xerxes would need to find a new home. Despite many offers to purchase him, Xerxes' owner decided he'd rather relinquish him to a sanctuary were he knew he'd be happy.


Xerxes is very new to our little family, but he's already settling right in. He loves chasing cat toys, climbing up the furniture, and sleeping in his cozy bed. 


About Large Spotted Genet:

The large spotted genet, also called the cape genet, is an African carnivore known for it's unique look and illusive behavior. Genets live both in the trees and on the ground, hunting at night for small rodents, insects, and reptiles. They are very shy solitary creatures. Because they move so silently, not much is known about them in nature. 


How You Can Help:

Come back soon to learn how you can continue to support Xerxes at his new sanctuary!   

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