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Basic Info:

Name: Ghost

Species: Raccoon

Gender: Male

Age: 1 year


About Ghost:

When Ghost was a baby, he was attacked by a larger animal and lost his left eye. This doesn't slow him down much, but because of his compromised depth perception it was enough to make him un-releasable. 


Ghost has adapted very well to life in captivity. In fact, he completely embraces it! He is quite the trouble-maker, but he is also loving and very affectionate. Some of his best friends are domestic animals such as dogs and cats. The quickest way to Ghost's heart is through a good old fashion butt-scratching session. Despite all his loveable antics, Ghost is certainly no pet. He often displays his natural behavior by digging into the drywall, tearing up furniture, and playing relentlessly rough with his caretakers.


About Raccoons:

Raccoons are some of the smartest and most wily animals in North America. They're extremely adaptable and are able to thrive both deep in the woods and in urban cities. They have complex problem solving abilities. That paired with their dexterity and sensitive touch makes them the perfect bandits. Many people believe that raccoons seen during the day are most likely rabid, but it's actually common for raccoons to be out before dusk. One of the main reasons is that a nursing mother will never leave her kits alone at night, and has no other time to find food.


How You Can Help:

Come back soon to learn how you can continue to support Ghost at his new sanctuary!   

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